Erick Harper will make $420,000 per year at UNLV

Erick Harper has been named the new athletic director at UNLV and he will make the same salary as his predecessor. 

Harper’s contract will run through June 30, 2026 and pay him $420,000 per year. When Desiree Reed-Francois signed a contract extension in 2021, it was going to pay her $420,000 per year through June 30, 2026 as well. 

Reed-Francois left UNLV for Missouri in August, where she will make $800,000 per year. 

Not only is the salary identical, but the buyouts and bonuses are the exact same. It is as if UNLV simply replaced Desiree Reed-Francois’ name with Erick Harper on the contract. 


If UNLV decides to fire Harper at any point during his contract, UNLV will owe Harper his remaining salary minus $50,000 each year. 

As an example, if UNLV fired Harper with two full years on his contract, they would owe him $740,000 ($370,000 for each year remaining).

If Harper decides to leave UNLV, as Desiree Reed Francois did, he will have to pay UNLV. The amount will depend on when he leaves. 

If Harper leaves before June 30, 2022, he will owe UNLV $500,000. If Harper leaves between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023, he will owe UNLV $250,000. If Harper leaves any time between July 1, 2023 and the end of the contract, he will owe UNLV $100,000. 


For each year that the total annual grade point average of all student athletes is 3.0 or better: $15,000.00.
For each year that the NCAA single year total Graduation Success Rate (GSR) is 80% or better: $10,000.00.
For winning or tying the Conference Regular Season Championship (Football): $15,000.00.
For winning the Conference Tournament Divisional Championship (Football): $5,000.00.
For appearing in any Bowl game (Football): $10,000.00.
In the NCAA Tournament (Men’s Basketball and Women’s Basketball):
For the team earning an NCAA Tournament bid: $10,000.00.
For the team advancing in each round: $10.000.00.
For the team playing in the Final Four: $10,000.00.
For the team winning the NCAA Championship: $15,000.00.
In the NCAA Tournament (all other sports):
For the team earning an NCAA Tournament bid: $2,500.00.
For the team advancing in each round: $2,500.00.
For the team winning the NCAA Championship: $2,500.00.


Harper has inherited more than just Reed-Francois’ contract. He also has her coaches. In the two primary sports, Reed-Francois made two hires in Marcus Arroyo and Kevin Kruger. 

Arroyo has won just two games in his first two seasons, while Kevin Kruger is about halfway through his first season with an 8-6 record. 

Harper’s first big decision could be on the future of Arroyo. Presumably, there won’t be a change before the 2022 season starts. But if the Rebels fail to make a bowl game (or at least come close), Harper will have to decide if it is worth giving Arroyo another season or finding his own coach to lead the program. 

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