Nets owner doesn’t expect Vegas to land an expansion NBA team soon

Lacrosse is coming to Las Vegas, but the NBA may not be. 

Joseph Tsai, the owner of the Brooklyn Nets, is the leader of an ownership group that is bringing a National Lacrosse League team to Las Vegas. 

Despite rumors of Las Vegas landing an expansion team, Tsai dumped cold water on this city’s chances. 

There are two different ways to look into Tsai’s comment. First off, he is an NBA owner. Who would know better than an NBA owner if the NBA is going to expand?

So Tsai shutting down Vegas as an expansion city is significant. 

But Tsai is not just an NBA owner, he now owns a lacrosse team in Vegas. And this was the official announcement of his franchise. 

If Tsai says Vegas is likely to land an expansion team, that becomes the headline. Someone wanting to keep the focus on his lacrosse team, would shut down any question about Vegas and the NBA. 

So Tsai trying to downplay any NBA to Las Vegas rumors may simply a way to prevent his lacrosse team from being the second biggest story at their official announcement. 

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