UNLV interested in South Carolina point guard T.J. Moss

UNLV still has roster spots to fill, and another point guard could be coming to Vegas. T.J. Moss has heard from the Rebels, according to Chuck Lawson

Moss has been a back-up point guard for South Carolina the last three seasons. Last year Moss played in 18 games (starting five), averaging 18.4 minutes, 4.3 points and 2.4 assists. 

His assist numbers are solid given the minutes he was playing. On a per 40 minute basis Moss has averaged five assists in each of the last two seasons. 

UNLV already has three options at point guard for next season. Marvin Coleman will return from injury. Jordan McCabe is transferring in from West Virginia. Keshon Gilbert will be join the Rebels as a freshman. 

But after UNLV played most of 2021 without a point guard, having too many sounds like a good problem to have. 

Plus, Kevin Kruger can play multiple point guards at the same time. Given the lack of off ball guards on the team (only Nick Blake and Donovan Williams) UNLV will need to play more than one point often. 

Moss has only made 29 percent of his career threes. So he would continue an offseason trend of UNLV acquiring non shooters.

And UNLV might have a good shot to land Moss based on his other offers. Lawson reported the other schools reaching out are Tulsa, McNeese State, Jacksonville & Texas Southern. There are no power conference schools to compete with on that list. 

Plus, Moss played for one season at Findlay Prep in Henderson before heading to South Carolina. So Las Vegas is not foreign to Moss.

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