Could Jackie Robinson build an arena for an NBA team in Las Vegas?

Another arena could be coming to the Las Vegas Strip. Jackie Robinson filed paperwork with Clark County to continue his hope to build All Net Arena on the north side of Las Vegas Boulevard, according to the Review Journal. 

Back in 2013, Robinson planned to build a 22,000 seat arena on the strip. The land he would use is near the Sahara Las Vegas. But since 2013, not much has happened at the location. 

But the paperwork Robinson filed would have him buy the land for $400 million. Assuming he does in fact buy the land, Robinson could start building his arena (and a hotel), which is projected to cost $3 billion. 

Considering it has been 8 years since Robinson announced the project, it is fair to wonder if the arena will ever be built. But if it is, the arena could be a future home of an NBA team. 

Yes, T-Mobile Arena exists and can host a basketball team. But the NBA will likely want to have its own arena to control revenue streams. That won’t be possible at T-Mobile Arena.  

When the NBA decides to expand, it will likely be able to dictate to ownership groups and cities what exactly it wants. 

Jackie Robinson would be the owner of the arena, so the NBA would have to either include him in the ownership group or work out a nice deal to gain revenue. 

If the All Net Arena is actually built, Las Vegas will be even more attractive to the NBA with multiple venues on the strip capable of hosting a team.

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