Are these the new Las Vegas Aces jerseys?

The Aces and the rest of the WNBA are expected to have new jerseys for the 2021 season. And we have our first look. 

The jerseys are a significant upgrade over the previous versions. Last year’s were cluttered with five different logos. From two shoulder patches (Nike, MGM) to the woodmark for Aces, followed by the Aces logo and AT&T sponsorship. 

Women's Las Vegas Aces Nike Black 2019 Swingman Custom Jersey
The Aces 2020 jerseys

Mark Davis bought the Aces from MGM, so that would eliminate one of the logos on the shoulder. But the WNBA has seemingly made the jerseys look more clean by placing the AT&T sponsorship on the back instead of the front. 

The other key takeaway is the variety between Vegas, Chicago and Seattle. In the recent past all WNBA jerseys had the same design. The only difference was the color scheme and team logo. Now each team will have a separate identity. 

This could also be following the NBA’s jersey rotation. NBA teams have five different uniforms. Home and road jerseys (known as Icon and Association) plus three alternates that are referred to as Statement, Classic and City uniforms. 

If you look at the bottom corner of each WNBA jersey you can see similar terminology. The Seattle jersey is the “Nike Rebel Edition” while the Vegas and Chicago jerseys are the “Nike Explorer Edition”. 

That implies the WNBA will also be adding alternate uniforms this season. So we could have a lot more jersey news for the Aces. 

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