UNLV offers South Dakota transfer Stanley Umude

How does another 20 point per game scorer from the Summit League sound? UNLV is interested in Stanley Umude, South Dakota’s leading scorer, according to Jay Elsen. 

Umude averaged 21.5 points per game last season as one of the highest usage players in the college basketball. He took 35.5 percent of South Dakota’s shot, the fifth highest mark in the country. 

(Bryce Hamilton took 36.4 percent of UNLV’s shots last season, 3rd most in the country.)

Umude did it all for the Coyotes last season ranking first in points and rebounds and second in assists. And he was pretty efficient despite the heavy work load.

Umude shot 35.5 percent from three, 60.6 percent on layups and 45.8 percent on mid-range jumpers. He did shoot a lot from the mid-range, as 46.5 percent of his shots were long twos. But his overall efficiency was still good for a high usage player. 

The obvious concern for UNLV would be the comparison to David Jenkins, who came from South Dakota State of the Summit League after averaging 19.7 points per game. Jenkins put up 14.8 points and shot 40.9 percent from three at UNLV. But his two point field goal percentage dipped from 45.8 percent to 39.9 percent. 

Jenkins is a pure shooter, while Umude would be expected to create offense. Maybe he would be better suited to take the step up in competition to the Mountain West. But he might find himself taking even more mid-range jumpers against stouter defenses.

It would be interesting to see Umude and Hamilton on the same team after they both dominated their team’s shots last season. The pairing could potentially make Hamilton better, as the defense would have to focus on at least one more offensive threat.

UNLV has joined Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, TCU, and USC in offering Umude. It is a spectacular list of schools.

Ultimately UNLV needs playmakers. And the Rebels likely won’t be landing the top transfers this offseason. Taking a chance on a proven playmaker coming up a level might be as good a bet as any for Kevin Kruger. 

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