Kevin Kruger signs a five year, $3.85 million deal with UNLV

Kevin Kruger will be making substantially less than his predecessor T.J. Otzelberger. UNLV signed Kruger to a five-year deal worth $3.85 million. 

The year by year breakdown is as follows:

Year 1: $750,000

Year 2: $750,000

Year 3: $775,000

Year 4: $775,000

Year 5: $800,000

Kruger’s entire compensation is made up of three categories, base salary, media and public appearances and name, image and likeness fee. 

If UNLV elects to fire Kevin Kruger, the buyout decreases depending on how long UNLV is into the contract. If UNLV fires Kruger before June 30, 2022 (or after his first season), they owe him $3.85 million. 

After year 2: $3.1 million

After year 3: $2.35 million

After year 4: $1.575 million

After year 5: $800,000

Kruger’s contract runs through June 30, 2026. So if he is fired after the last season on his contract, but before June 30, UNLV would owe him $800,000.

If Kruger is fired and lands another job, UNLV’s buyout will be offset by the amount of Kruger’s new salary. UNLV would pay Kruger’s in monthly installments.

The buyout for Kruger is identical. If he elects to leave UNLV he would owe the university the same amounts listed above. So, if he pulls a T.J. Otzelberger and leaves after two seasons, UNLV would net $3.1 million. 

Kruger would owe UNLV the full buyout within 20 days of leaving, or have to negotiate a payment schedule that the president of the university agrees to.

Kruger also has bonuses in his contract. 

Winning the conference regular season championship: $25,000

Winning the conference tournament championship: $25,000

Winning conference coach of the year: $10,000

Winning national coach of the year: $25,000

Making the NCAA Tournament as an at-large: $25,000

For every round UNLV advances: $10,000

Making the Final Four: $50,000

Winning the National Title: $100,000

Making the NIT as an at-large: $15,000

Winning the NIT: $25,000

Achieving an APR score of 980: $5,000

Ultimately Kruger is making significantly less than the $1.3 million Otzelberger was scheduled to make for the upcoming season. His contract comes in closer in value to Marvin Menzies’ deal.

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