Will Las Vegas need to build a new arena for an NBA team?

The assumption has always included T-Mobile Arena. If the NBA comes to Las Vegas, there is already a new arena ready to serve as host.
But the NBA may want its newest teams to have complete control of their own arena.
Chris Hansen has been trying for years to bring the Sonics back to Seattle. In 2013, he nearly bought the Sacramento Kings with the intention of moving them north. But the NBA board of governors rejected the sale and relocation plan.
Since, Seattle has partnered with Oak View Group to renovate Key Arena (now named Climate Pledge Arena) to host the Seattle Kraken of the NHL and a future NBA team.
But Hansen argues the NBA will not want to share an arena – and revenue streams – with anyone.
Hansen told Mitch Levy:
“The trend, as we’ve pointed out, is for teams in the NBA, because of how much economics have improved, to be in an NBA only building.”
“I think there’s a pretty good chance there will be ownership groups, including ours and including some outside of Seattle – this is really important – that are going to be bidding with the assumption of building an NBA-only arena.”
Hansen has tried to buy land to build an arena in Seattle’s stadium district. But he has not gotten the approval of Seattle’s city council.
But what Hansen proposes would not be good for Las Vegas’ shot at an NBA franchise. If the NBA wants its own arena, Las Vegas will have to build one.
T-Mobile Arena, the home of the Golden Knights, is owned by AEG (42.5%), MGM (42.5%) and Bill Foley (15%).
MGM (and maybe Bill Foley) could be potential owners of a Las Vegas NBA team. That could make the NBA views on a shared arena more palatable.
But if anyone else becomes the owner, and Hansen’s assumption is right, T-Mobile Arena might not be the answer for Vegas’ NBA hopes.

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